Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions



What is the main active ingredient nano-hydroxyapatite?

N-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) is a safe alternative to fluoride and has been used for years as a premium standard ingredient in oral health products in Germany, Italy and Japan. It is a naturally occurring mineral that has remarkable remineralising effects on enamel restoring and preventing tooth erosion.  As it is naturally occurring in our bodies it has none of the toxic or unpleasant side effects associated with fluoride but all of the benefits.


Is Amaku safe to swallow?

Dentists tell us not to rinse after we brush our teeth to increase the toothpastes effect on enamel so we naturally swallow more toothpaste and toxins than the paste was ever designed for. Amaku tablets are non-toxic and whilst the foam must be spat out after brushing, the residue in your mouth is not harmful.


Why doesn’t it foam as much?

Commercial toothpaste uses Sodium Lauryl Sulphate as a foaming agent. SLS has been shown to cause micro-tears on sensitive skin and is often the cause of painful reactions to commercial toothpaste. We use a mild coconut based natural foaming agent, so whilst there is less foam there is a gentler overall feel to the cleaning process.


Why is there no fluoride in Amaku?

Fluoride has been repeatedly shown to reduce tooth decay, but there are questions about its toxicity and the unknown levels of fluoride we are absorbing each day. Because of this uncertainty, we have avoided fluoride and used nano-hydroxyapatite instead.


How do I use Amaku tablets?

Put a tablet in your mouth, gently bite down to break it up a little then brush as normal. Make sure to spit when you are finished.


Can children use Amaku tooth tablets?

Yes, because Amaku is non-toxic and fluoride free it is a great alternative to commercial toothpaste for children. We do not recommend it for children under seven though because it may be a choking hazard and children should always be supervised by an adult. The best way to use would be to simply crush the tablet in your hand and use a bit of the powder on a toothbrush for your child.